Buying Guide: High Speed Handpiece & Low Speed Handpiece

Looking back the development of dental tool industry, we could find that dental handpiece plays an important role in the dental practice. For dentists, the dental handpiece is one of the most important tools in their dental practice. In the dental industry, Dental handpieces could be divided into two types: high-speed handpiece and low speed handpiece. In this article, you could get brief information about these two types of dental handpiece.

Low speed Dental Handpiece

From the perspective of the application, low speed dental handpiece can be used for refining a cavity preparation, performing prophylaxis, and other implant endodontic producers. Low speed handpiece is a handheld motor, generally air-driven or electric that spins the dental prophy or bur at 50,000RPM. Partner with other attachments, the low speed dental handpiece can be developed other functions. If the dental handpiece equips with Contra-angle attachments, it could be used for polish amalgam restorations, refine cavity preparation, and other procedures. 


Low Speed Handpiece With Air Motor

High Speed Dental Handpiece

As for the high speed dental handpiece, it could remove the tooth tissue rapidly and efficiently under the condition without pressure, heat, or vibration. Generally, dental high speed handpiece tends to run at about 250,000to 400,000RPM. With its slight curve one-piece units, the working noise of high speed handpiece is louder than low speed handpiece.

The working principle of dental handpiece

High Speed Handpiece With LED

Working Principle

The working principle of low speed dental handpiece is as same as the working principle of high speed dental handpiece. An airline is attached to the end of the handpiece. Once the dentist pad the dental chair’s pedal, the air is pushed into the handpiece and starts to flow through the vanes of the rotor. After that, it would be forced out through the handpiece’s back and exhaust port.


No matter low speed handpiece or high speed handpiece, they still have their own advantages. The most important point in choosing the dental handpiece is you should select a handpiece according to your dental practice. Furthermore, dental handpiece keep updating their technology and setting. You need to follow the dental trends to use the latest dental tools to perfect your dental practice.  If you are hunting for a dental handpiece, you could find Hager, a reliable China manufacturer, only provide high-quality dental handpiece and offer dentists practical dental tools.

30 Aug, 2021

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