Dental Unit G1 model

Dolphin is a high cost-performance item, with exquisite technology, high quality materials.

Voltage:110/220V, 50/60Hz Air pressure: 550-800 Kpa
Water pressure: 200-400 Kpa Net weight: 280 Kgs
Gross weight: 300 Kgs Packing dimensions: 150*106*128 cm



Designers collection

implant chair

Built for Professional Implantation

Dental implantation specialized, meets the strict requirements of dental light,

disinfection device,move range and device security during the treatment.


dental chair

Comfortable Implantation Experience


① Patient' s Comfort

Provides patients with more comfortable lying down experience, improves patients' satisfaction degree to the clinic.


implant chair

Comfortable Upholstery

Contoured headrest surface fixes neck well. Curved backrest with soft patient's head and

supports pater arc-line shape fits patient' s back better and gives a tender support.


② Doctor’s Comfort


dental chair


Keeping the same gesture for long time during a dental implantation

poses a major burden to doctor's muscles. Our special design on this equipment aims to

decrease doctor' s occupational diseases like cervical spondylosis and scapulohumeral periarthritis



dental chair


Detachable Sidebox for Ease Maintenance

New detachable sidebox doors help technician easy to check and remove Malfunctions


dental chair unit parts

Assistant Multifunctional Tray

You can use the assistant stool to control patient chair seat and backrest up and down,

spittoon flushing ,heating, cup filling and lamp control.


dental chair unit parts

Multi -Functional Foot Pedal

The Foot Pedal let doctor easy to controls LED operation lamp and cup filler,

water air separately design easy to separately control water and air ,

and it also features Chip blow button and backrest/ seat up and down control function,

easy to use and efficient for surgery


dental chair unit parts

Dimmable 26 bulbs Dual-Color LED Lamp

Dual-color 26 bulbs LED Operating Lamp with high LUX light to enable shadow-less focus light for surgery use


 ③ Quality is the Foundation of Reputation - Key Parts

dental chair unit parts

Anti-Rust Steady Chair Frame

All ABS Plastic By Injection Moulding

dental chair unit parts
dental chair unit parts

Import Medical Water & Air Tube

Import Member And Valve

dental chair unit parts
dental chair unit parts

Import Motor

Import Pressure Reducing Valve

dental chair unit parts
dental chair unit parts

Import Solenoid Valve

Power Supply With Protection System

dental chair unit parts
dental chair unit parts

Self-designed PCB System, Import Chip


Major Parts 

1. Water heating system 
2. Spittoon flushing and cup filling (supported 
by Italian solenoid valves) 
3. Quiet electric lift chair (supported by 
Taiwan motors) 
4. LCD display control panel 
5. Chair movement system with 9 memory 
6. Panoramic LED film viewer 
7. Assistant control panel 
8. Rotatable ceramic spittoon 
9. Shadowless LED sensor dental light 
10. Multifunctional pedal switch 
11. Double pure water bottles, 600ml each 
12. Glass tray and built-in tissue box 
13. Deluxe dentist stool 
14. American inner tubing

Technical Specification 

Supply voltage: AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz 
Motor voltage: DC24V 
Air pressure: 0.5MPa - 0.8MPa 
Water pressure: 0.2MPa - 0.4MPa

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