Low speed handpiece with air motor



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What is a Low Speed Handpiece?

The low speed handpiece, also known as slow speed handpiece, is a handheld motor, driven by the air motor. The low speed handpiece usually spins a cutting bur or prophy cup at 50,000 RPM or less. Because of its practical functions, slow speed handpiece price is usually relatively high. Therefore, it is necessary to find a reliable low speed dental hanpiece supplier to get the good quality products.

What is the Low Speed Dental Handpieces Used for?

The friction grip slow speed handpiece is mainly used for removing caries, refining a cavity preparation, performing prophylaxis, and other endodontic and implant procedures.


Features of Low Speed Handpiece

portable electric dental handpiece


surgical straight handpiece

Specification of Low Speed Handpiece


Speed(Max) 20000min/rpm
Gas Consumption 56NL/min
Air Pressure 2.8-3.0KPa
Forward Speed ≥1.8w min/rpm
Reverse Speed ≥1.7w min/rpm
Noise ≤63db


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