What is High Speed Handpiece & Low Speed Handpiece

Generally speaking, the dental handpiece could be divided into two types of handpiece: high speed handpiece and low speed handpiece. In the following part, allow me to introduce these two types of dental handpieces.

High Speed Handpiece: The high speed handpiece also called air turbine handpieces, offers over 180,000rpm cutting speed. With the help of high speed handpiece coupler, the handpiece connects with the tubes and gets power from the compressed air. In dental practice, the 4 hole high speed handpiece is commonly used. Currently, the dental high speed handpiece led also gets popular.

Low Speed Handpiece: The low speed handpiece indicates the handpiece work at a speed between 600 and 25,000 rpm. Compared with the high-speed handpiece, its working speed and the speed-increasing are much lower. The low speed handpieces are usually driven by rotary vane motors, instead of air turbines. Therefore, low speed handpiece is an electric dental handpiece.

And, with years of manufacturing experience and excellent innovation ability, Hager also developed the low speed handpiece into an advanced portable electric dental handpiece which is good for small-sizes clinics. Hager is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high speed handpiece and low speed handpiece, so you could get the affordable slow speed handpiece price at Hager.

Because the quality of the dental handpiece significantly affects the completeness of the dental surgery, we need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the dental handpiece, in accordance with the handpiece repair manual.

How to Clean Handpiece?

When cleaning a dental handpiece it is important to run the handpiece for 20-30 seconds to flush out any remaining air and water and dissemble the handpiece from the air tubing or swivel to clean the handpiece with isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth or brush.

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