Purchasing Guide: Dental Curing Lights

Why dentists are keeping looking for their ideal dental curing light. You may wonder why dentists put dental curing light into the heart of the dental practice. It is because dental curing lights could ensure that the resin cures properly and adheres evenly and improve patient comfort.

What are dental curing lights?

According to Wikipedia, dental curing lights are used for polymerization of light cure resin-based composites as dental equipment. It could cure several dental materials which are curable by lights. In the dental tool market, you could see four basic types of dental curing light sources: Light-emitting diodes(LED), plasma arcs, laser, and tungsten-halogen. Halogen and LEDs are the most common curing lights in dental practice. After reading this part, you may figure out the main difference between different dental curing lights is the bulbs. You could see the history of dental curing light from their bulbs. Each bulb stands for each specific period of the history of dental curing lights.

The use of curing lights

The major use of dental curing lights is ensuring the proper and even curing. The filling is the most important part of dental practice. Most dentists have already taken light curing for grant. However, it’s common sense that inadequate polymerization of the materials has a high possibility to lead to clinical failures, such as marginal discoloration, sensitivity, fractured restorations, and other issues. Therefore, for dentists, selecting the ideal curing light is the most important thing.

Tips: Major factors you need to consider

As a dentist or distributor sales, you need to understand some factors are very essential in the process of selecting dental curing lights. You need to understand the differences between different kinds of dental curing lights. Second, you also need to clear which elements could determine the right curing light solution for each individual dental customer. Next, you also need to learn that what light intensity can completely photo-polymerize the resin-based material. Last but not least, you also should understand what chemistry of the product or clinical application could affect the curing time.


Following the trend of the variety of adhesive dentistry, the development of dental curing light is becoming more and more important. Led dental curing lights have also become one of the most used pieces of equipment in operatory for their good applicability. If you are hunting for good quality dental curing light, you could click here: Dental Curing Lights to find your ideal product!

30 Aug, 2021

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