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The cleaning process and treatment principles of dental equipment:
1. Rinse the used instruments (such as burs, oral treatment instruments, and dental extraction instruments) with running water, and then put them in the first and second trays of soaking liquid (2% glutaraldehyde) for 10 hours.
2. Put the soaked instruments in the shaker for 15 minutes and shake for 5 minutes. (The internal solution is a multi-enzyme cleaning agent, the main function is to remove dirt and decompose protein)
3. Put it into the cleaning tank and wash away the remaining liquid with running water.
4. Then put the small root canal treatment instruments into the high-pressure steam sodium collection box, and sterilize them with a high-pressure steam oven for 45 minutes.
5. First wipe the used cell phone with a 75% alcohol cotton ball, then put it in the cell phone cleaning dispenser, clean and refuel for 3 minutes.
6. Then seal it in a sealed bag containing a disinfection indicator card. The time of disinfection and the registrant are indicated on the sealed bag.
7. Put it into the high-pressure sterilization equipment, vacuumize it three times, and sterilize it at 134°C for 45 minutes.
8. Put the used tooth extraction equipment into a shaker for 15 minutes and then shake for 5 minutes.
9. Put it in the cleaning tank and clean it with running water.
10. Dry the instruments with a sterile towel.
11. Finally, put the sterilized instruments into the sterile tray or cabinet neatly in the order of the date. When the doctor uses it, the nurse removes it from the sterile tray or cabinet.
12. Disposal of used intraoral devices must go through strict garbage classification and destroy them.

07 Jun, 2021

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