Guide to Dental Air Compressor

What’s Dental Air Compressor?

The dental air compressor is regarded as the core of dental surgery. Unlike the common air compressor, the dental air compressor is a special and high-standard compressor that is applied to dental or medical practice. The dental air compressor powers the most important dental tool in dental practice.

The Working Principle of Air Compressor

The dental air compressor compresses, cleans, dries, and stores the air. The working principle of the dental air compressor is removing impurities through its inline filtration system and drying the air through the compressed air dryer.

What Happens If We Use a Poor-Quality Air Compressor?

Not all air compressors are created equally. There are a variety of capacity and power options in the dental tool market. Because of it, an unsuitable dental air compressor may affect your office layout and the efficiency of your dental tool system.

A poor-quality air compressor's air pressure would lower air pressure than you expect. Although the dental air compressor gives good air pressure, if it powers unclean air, it will damage your dental tools, and shortens their lifespan.

last but not least, a low-quality dental air compressor may let your dental tools encounter the risk of carbon buildup. The carbon buildup could seriously damage the dental handpieces’ machinery.

What Are the Benefits of a Good Dental Air Compressor?

Air compressors are a vital piece of any dental clinic, since it could safer your dental practice and let the patients in a more comfortable environment. The most important point is it could power dental handpieces and some certain functions of dental tools at high efficiency. By the way, for the purpose of preventing patients from acquiring harmful contaminations, the dental air compressor is under strict regulation. Under this background, most dental clinics opt for an oil-free dental air compressor.

Oil-Free Dental Air Compressor

Some several studies have concluded a serious disadvantage of oil-lubricated compressors that lubricants’ adverse effects when they penetrate the air. Additionally, the strict regulations of dental products, an oil-free dental air compressor is better than the oil-lubricated compressors. Also, the oil-Free dental air compressor has a lower price and doesn’t need maintenance. Although the oil-free dental air compressor emits louder cycle. Nowadays, the silent oil free air compressor has been introduced in the market.

Oil-Free Dental Air Compressor


All in all, oil-free dental air compressor is the best choice for the dental clinics. Hager is China professional manufacturer, specializes in producing the oil-free dental air compressor. You could know more details about oil-free dental air compressor in our Page of oil-free dental air compressor.

16 Sep, 2021

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