Autoclave Pump

One of the vital processes that can occur in the autoclave is the vacuum process. And autoclave pump is the core of the dental autoclave. It creates vacuum environment for the cleaning process of the autoclave. In this post, the author would like the discuss the autoclave pump and steriline autoclave.

What is Autoclave Pump?

The autoclave pump is a piece of equipment that removes air from a sealed space and leaves behind a limited vacuum. It can be applied into various industries for a variety of purpose. It mainly consist of thepump inlet, rump rotor, pump outlet.

Steriline Autoclave

Steriline Autoclave


Generally, the autoclave pump is able to work with the steriline autoclave. Based on EN13060 standard, the steriline autoclave is one of the sterlizing equipment for dental tools. Hager offers the easy-to-clean and reliable steriline autoclave which has open-type water tank design.

The LCD display show you all the details of cycle. And the fully automatic system and high density filter make the sterilizing more efficient. And the vacuum automclave pump ensure the quality of the cleaning,

Last Thought

Hager has independent R&D teams to research and develop the dental equipment, so Hager is capable of providing a series of excellent autoclave medium pressure fittings, autoclave high pressure fittings, autoclave plug and gland, etc.


17 Aug, 2022

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