The dental suction unit, especially pneumatic suction in the dental chair, is an indispensable dental chair unit part whose vacuum pump draws the waste products, air, and water through tubing into the pump. The dental suction system also features a reverse flow valve to eliminate back flow and potential contamination.

Features of  pneumatic suction in dental chair

Our chair features advanced pneumatic suction technology, which is a highly effective method for removing fluids and debris from the patient's mouth during dental procedures. This technology utilizes compressed air to create a powerful vacuum, allowing for quick and efficient removal of fluids and debris with minimal noise and vibration.

The pneumatic suction system in our dental chair consists of two parts - a high-volume evacuator (HVE) and a saliva ejector. The HVE is a large, wide-bore suction tip that can quickly and easily remove large volumes of fluid and debris, while the saliva ejector is a smaller, narrow-bore tip that is ideal for removing saliva and other small amounts of fluids.

Our chair is designed to provide optimal comfort and support for patients throughout the procedure. The chair is fully adjustable, with a contoured backrest and armrests to ensure the patient is comfortable and relaxed. The headrest is also adjustable, allowing for easy access to the patient's mouth while maintaining optimal support and comfort.

The pneumatic suction system in our chair is incredibly easy to use and maintain. The suction levels can be easily adjusted to suit the procedure, and the collection container can be quickly and easily emptied and cleaned. This ensures a safe and sanitary environment for both patients and practitioners.

In addition to its advanced suction capabilities and patient comfort features, our dental chair is also highly durable and reliable. It is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy dental practice, and is backed by a comprehensive warranty and support program.

What We Offer

As a leading dental equipment manufacturer, HAGER only offers top-quality air-type dental suction systems. We also have the excellent portable dental suction unit that you need. There is various compatibility of dental suction. They could be compatible with 8 dental unit, 6 dental unit, 4 dental unit, or 2 dental unit.

HAGER, a professional pneumatic suction in dental chair manufacturer in China. HAGER offers a variety of pneumatic suction in dental chair. Since 2004, HAGER has always supplied high-quality pneumatic suction in dental chair to our customers. Because of the independent R&D teams, HAGER could ensure the direct sale of pneumatic suction in dental chair with high performance.

Overall, our pneumatic suction dental chair is an ideal choice for any dental practice looking to enhance patient comfort and safety, while also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of dental procedures. With advanced technology, ease of use and maintenance, and patient comfort in mind, our chair is sure to exceed your expectations and provide a superior dental experience for both patients and practitioners.

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