The midwest tradition plus handpiece is a dental hand-held instrument used to perform various dental procedures, such as polishing fillings, performing cosmetic dentistry, and so on. midwest tradition plus handpiece could be used in wider applications than the implant handpiece does. Therefore, it is a necessity for dentists. The operating method is easy. The dentist could hold the dental handpiece holder to perform the surgical procedure.


Generally speaking, the dental handpiece could be divided into two types of handpiece: high speed handpiece and low speed handpiece. In the following part, allow me to introduce these two types of dental handpieces.


High Speed Handpiece: The high speed handpiece also called air turbine handpieces, offers over 180,000rpm cutting speed. With the help of high speed handpiece coupler, the handpiece connects with the tubes and gets power from the compressed air. In dental practice, the 4 hole high speed handpiece is commonly used. Currently, the dental high speed handpiece led also gets popular.


Low Speed Handpiece: The low speed handpiece indicates the handpiece work at a speed between 600 and 25,000 rpm. Compared with the high-speed handpiece, its working speed and the speed-increasing are much lower. The low speed handpieces are usually driven by rotary vane motors, instead of air turbines.


Because the quality of the dental handpiece significantly affects the completeness of the dental surgery, we need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the dental handpiece, in accordance with the handpiece repair manual.


Applications: Versatility for Dental Excellence

The Midwest Tradition Plus Handpiece finds its applications across various dental procedures, including:

Restorative Dentistry: From cavity preparation to crown placement, this handpiece allows for precise cutting, shaping, and polishing, ensuring accurate and aesthetically pleasing restorations.

Endodontics: When performing root canals or accessing pulp chambers, the Midwest Tradition Plus Handpiece provides the necessary control and visibility to navigate intricate canal systems effectively.

Prosthodontics: Whether fabricating removable dentures or fixed prosthesis, this handpiece offers the power and precision required for accurate tooth preparation and prosthetic fabrication.


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