Dental Chair, also called Dental Unit, invented in1790,  is designed to help dentists implement their dental surgery efficiently. Also, the dental chair could create a comfortable position for the patients, so as to ease the patient’s nervousness. Without much exaggeration to say, the dental chair is one of the most greatest dental equipment in the world.

WHAT IS heidelberg united dental beijing USED FOR?

The main usage of the heidelberg united dental beijing is to assist the dentists in performing examinations, extractions, and oral surgeries. To that end, a variety of the dental chair unit parts offers the dentist various benefits during the dental practice. An advanced integrated dental unit consists of dental lamp, dental x-ray, dental suction, dental lamp, and so on. 


●The pneumatic suction in dental chair is designed to the reduction or elimination of cross contamination between patient and the dentists.


●The dental x-ray helps the dentist find your cavities, check the status of developing teeth, and check the health of the toot root and bone surrounding the tooth.


●The dental lamp usually consists of 8bulb LED operating lamp. The high LUX light ensures the dentists could implement the dental surgery under shadow-less lighting conditions.



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