Oilless Air Compressor is designed to help dentists in dental practice. champion 120 gallon air compressor is one of the most indispensable dental tools in a dental clinic, aims to ensure safety in the dental practice. champion 120 gallon air compressor is regarded as one of the most worthy investments for your clinic and hospitals. The base mounted air compressor is consists of a motor, pressure gauge, metal net tube, drain valve, pressure switch, autoclave high pressure fittings, etc.


●Oil-Free: As its name suggests, the oil-free is the most outstanding feature of an oil-free dental air compressor. This type of dental air compressor overcame the disadvantage of the oil-lubricated air compressor---the oil penetrates the air. The oil would damage the quality of the dental surgery.


●Improve Safety: As I mentioned above, it could ensure the safety of the patient. Unlike the traditional air compressor, the oilless air compressor is could reduce the potential risk of microbial or pathogens infections.


●Maintain the Precision of Equipment: The precision in the equipment is the key point of ensuring dental practice success. The precision in the equipment is the key point of ensuring dental practice success. If the dentist uses a dental compressor with oil, it would easily undermine the precision of dental equipment, or even easily hurt the nerve nearing the surgical site during the dental practice.


Applications: Where Power Meets Versatility

The versatility of the Champion 120 Gallon Air Compressor knows no bounds. Let's explore some of its popular applications:

Industrial Work: This compressor is a perfect fit for heavy-duty industrial applications, such as automotive repair shops, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. It effortlessly powers air tools, impact wrenches, sanders, grinders, and more.

Commercial Use: From paint shops to bodywork facilities, the Champion 120 Gallon Air Compressor is an invaluable asset. It provides a reliable and consistent source of compressed air for spray guns, pneumatic pumps, and other equipment, ensuring efficient and high-quality operations.

DIY Projects: For the serious DIY enthusiasts, this air compressor becomes the heart of their workshop. Whether you're tackling woodworking projects, automotive repairs, or home renovations, its power and versatility make it an indispensable tool.



HAGER, champion 120 gallon air compressor in China. HAGER offers a variety of oil-free air compressors. Since 2004, HAGER has always supplied high-quality oil-free dental air compressors to our customers. Because of the independent R&D teams, HAGER could ensure the direct sale of dental air compressors with high performance.


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