4 Hole High Speed Handpiece

The 4 hole high speed handpiece, also known as midwest dental handpiece, have 4 hole to get motion. The 4 hole high speed handpiece is widely used for the efficient removal of hard tissue with no need for pressure, heat, or vibration.

Features of 4 Hole High Speed Handpiece


4 hole high speed handpiece


rk Pressure






Used Car Niddle


Head Size

standard size≈11.3xh13.6mm

●It is required with nsk-timax-x600l original pressure on the handpiece accessories , and the fasteners are equipped with nsk-ptl-cl-led model and fmcl-m4 model.

●The whole stainless steel case is equipped with the original NSK-PanaMAX-X/M fiber fast-connected high-speed handpiece.

●Built-in spontaneous electric unit, solves the early dental chair not configured fiber line defects such as six holes, also in the real pursuit of lighting visualization on the basis of perfecting the continuation of the old tooth chair use.

How to Choose 4 Hole High Speed Handpiece

When you are finding the ideal 4-hole high-speed handpiece for your dental surgery, four factors you need to pay attention to:

1. Is Fixed Back or Quick Disconnect?

2. Does it has a Standard Chuck or a Push Button Chuck?

3. Is Fiber Optic or Non-Fiber Optic?


Generally speaking, the 4 hole high speed handpiece is versatile with any band of fiber optic dental handpiece heads. If your want to order good quality and clean 4 hole high speed handpiece, you could try to contact us to get a good price.


13 Jul, 2022

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