What is An Air Compressor?

In the realm of dentistry, the importance of reliable and high-quality equipment cannot be overstated. Amongst these essential tools is the dental air compressor, a specialized device that ensures a continuous supply of clean, dry, and oil-free air, which is indispensable for a variety of dental procedures. Dental air compressors are specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of dental care, providing the precise air pressure needed to power handpieces and other dental instruments safely and effectively.

What Exactly is a Dental Air Compressor?

A dental air compressor is a type of pneumatic device designed to deliver a consistent flow of compressed air for dental applications. Unlike standard industrial air compressors, dental compressors are tailored to produce air that is free from contaminants, moisture, and oil, which could otherwise compromise patient safety and the integrity of dental treatments. By converting electrical power into kinetic energy, the compressor accumulates air in a storage tank under controlled pressure levels, ensuring it's readily available for use during dental procedures.

The Vital Role of Compressed Air in Dental Treatments

Compressed air is a critical component in the operation of various dental tools, from drills and handpieces to scalers and air-water syringes. It enables dentists to perform precise and efficient treatments, contributing significantly to the overall success of dental surgeries and patient oral health. The dental air compressor stands out as the heart of the dental operatory's pneumatic system, ensuring that these tools function optimally at all times.

How Does An Air Compressor Work?

The working principles of air compressors varied among the various types of air compressors. Typically, the air compressor makes good use of the pressure to force atmospheric air to create potential energy. And, the potential energy can be stored in a tank for later use.

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What Is An Air Compressor Used for?

With the various types of air compressors, the air compressor also can be applied in many fields. You can find the best air compressor for duct cleaning, air compressor for cement bulker, air compressor for bath bomb press, etc. Then, the dental air compressor is one of its applications. Then, as the manufacturer of dental equipment, Hager would take the dental portable turbine unit with air compressor inside as an example. The dental air compressor is used for conveying high-quality, high-pressure air to dental operatories to run midwest traditional handpieces which are used for cleaning and treating a patient's teeth.

How Long Do Air Compressors Last?

It depends on the model and the application of the air compressor. Generally speaking, the AC air compressor is about 10 and 15 years.

How Many Watts Does An Air Compressor Use?

It also depends on the model you select. The heavy-duty air compressor tends to operate on 220-volt current, requiring special wiring and outlets. Then, the author would list a chart to present the wattage dental air compressor uses.

Supply voltage: AC110/220V 60Hz/50Hz AC110/220V  60Hz/50Hz AC110/220V 60Hz/50Hz AC110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
Power: 1700W 1200W 850W 600W


How to Choose Air Compressors?

When it comes to the selection of the dental air compressor, several factors you need to take into consideration.

Quality of Air Output

The quality and safety of the compressed air are crucial in dental treatment because it directly contacts the patient’s oral cavity. If the air is not clean, it may cause some complications. Hager's portable dental unit with an air compressor has an advanced design, so it can provide clean air.


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Size of Practice

You could determine the size and amount of the air compressor according to the size of your office. And, you also need to take your clinic's future growth into the consideration. Then, a large-capacity air compressor runs less, so it could offer quieter overall operation.

Location of Mechanical/Utility Room

As we all know, the air compressor makes noise during the working process, so the location of the air compressor is important and determines the noise you hear. Two major types of air compressors are available in the dental equipment market, the oil free air compressor and the oil air compressor. Then, the oil free one may produce relatively less noise.

Last Thoughts

The air compressor is regarded as a vital role in any modern dental practice. However, many clinics may find difficulty in determining the model of the dental air compressor, because of the variety of air compressors. After reading this post, you may clearly understand the air compressor.

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12 Dec, 2022

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