Steriline Autoclave

The steriline autoclave is mainly used in hospitals & clinics for proper sterilization of dental products and equipment. Under the high-pressure temperature and steam, the dental steriline autoclave is capable of against debris and bacteria.


Application of Steriline Autoclave

Dental clinics, tattoo, beauty, CSSD, hospital, pedicure, laboratory, ophthalmology, veterinary, medical.


Features of Steriline Autoclave


1.8 KW, AC110-
240V, 50-60Hz;






18L / 23L

Chamber Size:





●Based on EN13060 standard

●Open-type water tank design,easy to clean

●LCD display all the details of cycle

●High density filter

●Fully automatic

●High quality vacuum pump

●Build-in steam generator

●Achieved program customization

●Optional printer and color

●With B&D test and Vacuum test

●Over te20 minutes fast sterilization cycle

●Temperature and Over pressure protect

●Advanced self-test system



Hager’s steriline autoclave has real-time measured values, cycle parameters, an easy pad, and a thermal printer. The parameter settings are for temperature, sterilization time and drying time. It could be used in wide fields such as CSSD, dental clinics, tattoos, etc.


14 Jul, 2022

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