Portable Electric Dental Handpiece

A portable electric dental handpiece is the dream dental handpiece for the dentist, fulfilling both the power and precision dental professionals expect from their handpieces. And the electric motor would provide more and more consistent torque than the air flow handpiece does.

Durability and Performance of Electric Dental Handpieces

When considering the longevity of a portable electric dental handpiece, most models offer impressive durability, often exceeding the average lifespan of one year with proper maintenance. The best electric dental handpieces are designed to withstand repeated heat sterilization, ensuring consistent operational performance without degradation. It's crucial for dental professionals to assess the quality of the handpiece bearings, as this component is vital for long-term use.

In the realm of portable handpiece dental technology, the electric high-speed dental handpiece stands out for its efficiency. These precision dental handpieces deliver exceptional torque, allowing for smooth and precise cutting, which is essential for intricate dental procedures. The electric dental handpiece price reflects its advanced capabilities and the technology invested in ensuring optimal performance and comfort for both dentist and patient.

For those seeking versatility and convenience, a portable high-speed handpiece is invaluable. It combines the functionality of a traditional high-speed handpiece with the added benefit of portability, making it an excellent choice for mobile dentistry or clinics with limited space. The portable high-speed dental handpiece models, especially those with LED lighting, enhance visibility and accuracy during procedures.

Friction Grip Slow Speed Handpiece

friction grip slow speed handpiece

The low speed handpiece, also known as slow speed handpiece, is a handheld motor, driven by the air motor. The low speed handpiece usually spins a cutting bur or prophy cup at 50,000 RPM or less. Because of its practical functions, slow speed handpiece price is usually relatively high. Therefore, it is necessary to find a reliable low speed dental hanpiece supplier to get good quality products.

Dental High Speed Handpiece Led

dental high speed handpiece led

●It is required with nsk-timax-x600l original pressure on the handpiece accessories, and the fasteners are equipped with the nsk-ptl-cl-led model and fmcl-m4 model.

●The construction of the handpiece is robust, featuring a stainless steel case that houses the original NSK-PanaMAX-X/M model, which is renowned for its fast-connect fiber optic high-speed capabilities. This design not only ensures durability but also facilitates quick and easy integration with various dental systems.

●The handpiece includes an integrated electric unit that addresses the limitations found in earlier dental chair models, such as the absence of configured fiber optic lines and six-pin connections. This advancement significantly enhances the visualization with lighting, ensuring that it can be seamlessly adopted for use with older dental chair systems, thereby extending their utility and improving the overall dental treatment experience.


18 Aug, 2022

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