Integral Dental Unit

Often confused with a simple dental chair, the integral dental unit is much more. This comprehensive guide aims to delineate their distinctions and highlight the integral unit's multifaceted role in dental practices.

What is the Use of an Integral Dental Unit?

Unlike a standalone dental chair, the integral dental unit encompasses a suite of utilities essential for modern dentistry. It is engineered to provide seamless access to power (electrical, air, water) and acts as a hub for various dental instruments like handpiece bearings and implant devices.

What Does integral dental unit Consist of?

The configuration of an integral dental unit may vary by model, but generally includes:

Patient Chair: Ergonomically designed to maximize comfort.

Instrument Holder: Equipped with a range of connected rotating tools for diverse dental procedures.

Ceramic Spittoon: For patient convenience during treatments.

Multi-functional Foot Pedal: Allows for hands-free operation of tools, enhancing procedural efficiency and safety.

Features of Integral Dental Unit

The HJ-638A model from Hager's range of dental units exemplifies innovation with its built-in disinfection system, aiding in effective clean-up and emergency preparedness. This feature-rich model prioritizes patient comfort and operational efficacy, making it a stellar choice for dental practices looking to upgrade their equipment.

integral dental unit


Last Thought

All in all, as modern dental equipment, the integral dental unit is one of the greatest inventions in the dental field. It not only could improve dental surgery efficiency but also ensure the accuracy of the surgery procedure practice.

03 Jan, 2023

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