Help Guide: From Dental Suction System to Dental Suction Units

What is Dental Suction System?


A dental suction system collects blood, saliva, and other debris generated during dental procedures, to reduce the amount of spray and spatter formed. Therefore, the dental suction unit is the vital part of preventing forming the spray and spatter. In the dental practice, if the dentist has no high aware on preventing spatter and spray, it would easily to happen the cross infection between patients, even medical workers. 


air type dental central suction system

Central Suction System Unit


This is the part of the dental central suction system. Its supply voltage is AC110/220 60Hz/50Hz. It produces 50dB noise that don’t annoy the dentists and the patients. Also, its vacuum is -11Kpa.

What' s the Importance of Dental Suction Unit?


As the above mentioned, the dental suction system, such as central suction system play a vital role in dental practice. But do you aware the importance of the dental suction unit in the whole dental central suction system. The great dental suction units not only could improve the quality of the preventing the spray and spatter but also make the dental practice more perfect and efficient. Now, allow the author list some major products to illustrate what the dental suction units mean to the dental suction system? The following products are match for the central suction system.


central suction system unit

Central Suction System


This dental suction unit supports 8 dental units simultaneously. Therefore, it is the strong supporting dental equipment for the central suction system. This dental suction unit only produces 56dB noise which don’t interrupt the dental practice or even make the patients become more anxious about the normal surgery. Furthermore, this dental suction unit is the air type suction that has relatively high hygienic standard.


central suction system

Central Suction System(Drive 6 Dental Units)


This dental suction unit has an ability of driving 6 dental units simultaneously. Its supply voltage is AC110/220V 60Hz/50Hz. This air type suction unit also only produces 56db noise. Therefore, it also is the low-noise equipment. It requires the power of 1500W.



Dental suction system, especially the central suction system, is the favor of our dentists in the dental practice. Most dentists also regard the central suction system as the soul of dental chair.

20 Oct, 2021

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