Discuss Why Dental Units Have More Bacteria Than Faucets

When it comes to the long-term use of a dental unit, bacteria is one of the classic topics among dentists. And, in the surgery, the bacteria left in the dental equipment may lead to harmful complications. Therefore, in the clinic, we should focus on cleaning the dental unit. In this post, we would discuss the bacteria issue in the dental unit.

What Is the Primary Source of Microorganisms in Dental Unit Waterlines?

The primary source of microorganisms is the public water supply. Due to the long,small-diameter tubing and low flow rates used in dentistry, the frequent periods of stagnation, and the potential for retraction of oral fluids, the water bacteria would usually stay in the water supply system of the dental unit.

How Can You Prevent Bacterial Contamination of Dental Unit Waterlines?

You need to purge the dental unit waterlines when the units are out of service, in case of the accumulation of stagnant water. And, during the surgery, you need to choose the proper delivery devices like bulb syringes; sterile, single-use disposable products to deliver sterile water.

How Often Should Dental Unit Waterlines be Cleaned?

Before attaching the dental unit with a hygiene pro air handpiece, ultrasonic scaler, and dental curing light tips, you should first purge the dental unit lines and devices with air or flushed them with water for at least two minutes.


When we discuss why dental units have more bacteria than faucets, should pay attention to how to clean and how often to clean the dental unit. As a professional dental unit manufacturer, Hager not only provides a series of clean and quality dental units but also gives guidance about the maintenance of the dental unit. 

21 Dec, 2022

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