Different Types of Dental Handpiece

Today, the dental handpiece is one of the most essential instruments of dental practice. From small adjustments to complicated dental procedures, it is an essential tool for ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of the surgery.


High Speed Handpiece

The high speed handpiece is a precision device, designed for the efficient removal of hard tissue with no pressure, energy, or vibration. Because of the high working speed, it cut the teeth easily. Therefore, when you use the high speed handpiece, you need to use it carefully. Although they may vary with many features, such as attachment type, head size, light source, etc, they generally run between 250,000 and 400,000 rpm by rotating the high speed handpiece. The 4 hole high speed handpiece are the commonly used type of handpiece. The 4 hole high speed handpieces are midwest traditional handpieces.


Fit to nsk presto high speed handpiece

Fit to nsk presto high speed handpiece



Low-Speed Dental Hanpiece

The low speed handpiece is a handheld motor driven by air or electricity. It spins the dental bur and prophy cup at 50,000 RPM. This rotation also determines the low speed handpiece used for removing caries as well as refining cavity preparations in endodontic procedures such as root canal treatments. Because this handpiece’s features vary between manufacturers such as dental bur attachment, angle design, etc, the slow speed handpiece price also varies which depends on the functions of the handpiece.


air flow handpiece

Low Speed Handpiece----Air Flow Handpiece


Electric Dental Handpiece

Electric dental handpiece systems are powerful contra-angle dental instruments which could save the surgery time and increase accuracy. On the one hand, the electric dental handpiece could reduce the need for air-driven precision. On the other hand, this electric dental handpiece helps dentists a lot when working in tight spaces or difficult angles.


Surgical Handpiece

The surgical handpiece is used for ensuring oral surgeries safety. The surgical handpiece is notably featured grated vents that prevent air from spraying into the oral cavity during surgery. Paired with surgical burs, the surgical handpiece could perform endodontic, periodontal, and other kinds of dental procedures. Then, the surgical straight handpiece is popularly used in dental surgery.



Endodontic Handpiece

The endodontic handpiece is designed to be used for cleaning and shaping canals during root canal treatments and preventing breakage or binding. Whether reciprocating or rotating, these handpieces work with your endoscope system and another dental instrument for precision.



Implant Handpiece

The implant handpiece is specially designed for oral and maxillofacial surgery. Adopting the high-quality stainless steel with a special coating as the materials, the implant handpiece is extremely robust that is good for dental practice.



Nowadays, the handpiece is a critical part of patient care. In addition to the deep understanding of the types of dental handpieces, it is necessary to know how to purchase a high-quality high speed handpiece/low speed handpiece/air flow handpiece/surgical straight handpiece to prevent the potential safety issue. Hager is a pro in the manufacturing of dental handpieces with over 20 years of manufacturing experience.

23 Feb, 2022

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