Detachable Handpiece

When comes to choosing the ideal handpiece for dental surgery, you may also consider whether there is a kind of dental handpiece that is convenient for surgery and preventing cross-infection. Luckily, this post would introduce you to a kind of handpiece and recommend the product that is the most popular in the dental field --Detachable Handpiece.

The Latest Product: Detachable Handpiece

The detachable handpiece is the slow handpiece with air motor that allows the dentists to detach the head. Therefore, the detachable handpiece not only could provide the highest assurance of control against cross-contamination but also the most convenience for dentists during the surgery.




●The Accessories are compatible with the original NSK-FXSER ies series FX25M.

●Suitable for the nsk-fxser ies series Fx20.5m

●Durable stainless steel body


Speed(Max) 20000min/rpm
Gas Consumption 56NL/min
Air Pressure 2.8-3.0KPa
Forward Speed ≥1.8w min/rpm
Reverse Speed ≥1.7w min/rpm
Noise ≤63db


Adopting delicate and advanced dental components, a great performance is created in Hager’s slow dental handpiece. With the high compatibility, our low speed handpiece can connect with various sizes of the dental head, which is very convenient for your dental practice and prevent cross-infection. It is a good combination between beauty and function. If you want to get this slow speed handpiece price, please contact us for more details.

04 Jul, 2022

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