Curing Light Meter

A simple dental curing light is concentrated with many modern technologies and is constructed with many precise components. And, it also needs to be checked by the curing light meter. Then, in this post, the author would give a brief introduction to curing light.

How Do You Measure the Intensity of Curing Light?

Generally speaking, the “calibrated” radiometers, also known as curing light meters the equipment to measure the light intensity or power irradiance in mW/cm2 (milliwatt per square centimeter). Then, it refers to the e power in mW divided by the light exposure area in cm2.

How Strong Should A Dental Curing Light be?

According to the International Organization for Standardization, the ISO 4049 standard, the lighting density from the dental curing light bulbs should be 300 mW/cm2 with a wavelength bandwidth of 400-515 nm on the tip of the light curing device.

What Should be the Minimum Distance of Curing Light?

1mm. 1mm is the ideal distance recommended between the dental curing light tips of the light source and the resin surface. In some situations, it is not a perfect distance. For example, the cases of deep Class II gingival walls of proximal boxes.

Are Dental Curing Lights UV or LED?

When it comes to the discussion about curing light, the curing light meter is not the only concern. The type of lighting source is one of the most important aspects.

Currently, the cure curing light is a crucial dental equipment of any dental practice. Initially, it usually adopts the technology of UV wavelengths. UV technology can be used in wide industrial fields, such as uv light for paint curing. After that, it turns to use relatively more advanced technologies. Therefore, LED and halogen lights become the most common essentials led curing light.

dental curing light meter

Dental Curing Light Meter

How long do dental curing lights Last?

On average, the quality cure curing light can last 1000 hours. It usually is equivalent to 5 years of clinical use approximately. Then, multiple factors could affect the lifespan of dental curing lights.

How Many Seconds Does It Take for Light to Cure Composite?

It depends on the models of the curing lights you choose. For example, the woodpecker led f curing light usually takes 10 or 20 seconds to cure the composite. And, in Hager Medical, 3 second curing light dental is on the selling.

What Happens If You Look at Curing Light?

You can not directly look at the curing light! Without the protective measurements, the exposure would lead to the cornea, increased ocular inflammation, and dryness of the eye.

Can A Dental Curing Light Burn?

As a matter of fact, a dental curing light can cause a burn with the powerful lighting source from the light curing box dental.

What Happens if You Over-Cure A Composite with the Dental Lab Curing Unit?

Generally speaking, if your cure the composite for a long time, heat damage can occur in a patient's soft tissue. And, the composite would not be over-cured.


All in all, to ensure the dental curing light works well, you need to check and maintain the components of the curing light. Then, the light intensity decreases with aging, the dentists also need to regularly monitor the conditions of light units.

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18 Jan, 2023

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