Air Flow Handpiece

When comes to talking about the function of the dental handpiece, most dentists also pay attention to the driving method of the dental handpiece. It is because the motion method also affects the quality and the procedure of the dental handpiece. Luckily, this post would introduce you to one of the most popular motion methods in dental surgery---Air flow Handpiece.

What is Dental Air Flow?

Airflow is an efficient dental hygiene treatment in the dental handpiece. This method combines jet water, air, and sodium bicarbonate to greatly clean and polish your teeth.

Features of Hygiene Pro Air Handpiece

hygiene pro air handpiece


Speed(Max) 20000min/rpm
Gas Consumption 56NL/min
Air Pressure 2.8-3.0KPa
Forward Speed ≥1.8w min/rpm
Reverse Speed ≥1.7w min/rpm
Noise ≤63db


●The hygiene pro air handpiece’s accessories are compatible with the original NSK-Fxser ies series FX25m.
●Durable stainless steel body.
●Non-fiber optic
●Max Speed: 40,000 rpm
●Clean head system.


The air flow handpiece is a versatile dental hand-held instrument used to perform various dental procedures, such as polishing fillings, cosmetic dentistry, and so on. Therefore, a great air flow handpiece helps a dentist a lot. If you are finding a high-durability and reliable dental handpiece, you could contact Hager to get the product at a good price.

11 Jul, 2022

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