6 Step to Choose the Best Dental Chair

When it comes to dental practice, the efficiency and comfort provided by a dental chair are paramount. Not only does it support the patient's comfort during procedures, but it also ensures that the dentist can work with precision. With numerous brands like Osstem and Diplomat offering various models, it can be overwhelming to select the right dental chair. This guide aims to simplify the process and help you find the best dental chair, which combines ergonomic design with competitive dental chair prices.


The design of the dental chair is a critical factor to consider, especially when evaluating options such as the dental chair. Ideal design features prioritize patient comfort for lengthy procedures and support the dentist's workflow, which can significantly impact the overall efficiency of dental practice. Patients have to lie on the dental chair to accept the dental surgery for hours. The dentist also has to spend a whole day beside the dental chair to make the dental practice. Therefore, the design of the dental chair is the most important. A dental chair with a poor design could cause discomfort and exacerbate the pain for the patient. What’s worse, it would affect the working state of the dentist. Therefore, the dental chair should have a comfortable design.

Also, it should be designed with minimal crevices and seams to reduce the leave of bacteria and other pathogens.

Features & Functionality

The functionality of a dental chair is a crucial factor to consider. First, a good dental chair should be compatible with all the necessary dental equipment and instruments such as a dental x-ray sensor, low speed handpiece, dental curing light bulbs, etc. Also, the dental chair should create enough space for the dentist and the patient. The advanced design and functionality could enhance patients' confidence.

dental chair

Dental Chair

Second, it should be equipped with a control panel with easily accessible buttons or a touchscreen, which allows the dentist to adjust the position of the chair and the dental attachment.

Third, you can check whether the dental chair has a foot control function. This function is important. It is one of the parts of the foot control dental unit. It could let the operation more convenient.

Currently, the computer controlled chair is the latest mode of the dental chair. With the support of the computer, it could offer the dentist multiple functions and convenient operation procedures.


Don't forget the warranty on the dental chair. As a necessity of the dentist, the dental chair sometimes inevitably gets something wrong in frequent use. Then, before ordering the dental chair, you need to learn the warranty service of the dental chair and dental chair unit parts.

dental unit osstem

Dental Unit Ssstem



The price always is the factor we never neglect. Varied prices in the dental chairs. Then, as consumers, we also should focus on whether a chair offers the best value for money. Therefore, you should evaluate whether the functions and the design are worth the diplomat dental unit price.

To give you a price preference, the author has made research in the market. The average price of a dental chair is between $4,000 to $9,000. Then, the tefurbished or used dental chairs costs between $3,000 to $7,000 on average.


After that, it is time to consider the aesthetic and style of the dental tens unit, because it takes up a prominent space in your dental office. And, the patient also would first see them when they accept the therapy. Therefore, before ordering, you also need to determine the color, and surface finish of the dental chair.


dental unit gnatus

Dental Unit Gnatus


Since the dental chair is the medical equipment, it strongly relates to the patient's life and health. Therefore, all the dental chair unit parts should strictly meet national as well as international standards. For example, pneumatic suction in the dental chair should be clean and designed to be able to reduce or eliminate cross-contamination between the patient and the dentist.


Selecting the manufacturer is a wise decision for those who want to order dental chairs in bulk. First, you could learn the quality of the dental chair by knowing the power of the manufacturer. Second, you have an opportunity to negotiate on price directly with the manufacturer. Third, you even can make customized dental chairs to meet your specific needs from the manufacturer.


All in all, choosing the best dental chair is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. A good dental chair should be comfortable, functional, durable, clean, and worthy. By considering these factors and carefully evaluating the different options available, you can choose a dental chair that will meet the needs of your practice and provide your patients with the comfort and care they deserve.

15 Feb, 2023

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